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How to Receive Swipes

How Do I Receive Swipes?

  • Any student client of Tiger Pantry can be a recipient of the transferred meal swipes.
  • If you have a meal plan you are not eligible to receive swipes.
  • For information on becoming a client please see How to Use Tiger Pantry.
  • A client may come to the Pantry at our location off Rock Quarry Road once a week for meal swipes. The number of meals we are able to give out will depend on the volume of transfers.
  • You may check to see if the meals have been added to your account by going to Tiger Card Manager.
  • If you come in on Sunday, swipes should be added Monday or Tuesday. If you come in on Tuesday or Wednesday, swipes should be added Thursday or Friday.
  • You have to click on WebCardManager to see the Tiger Pantry Meals (see screenshots below).

Where Can I Use Swipes?

You can use the meals at any of the following locations

  • Plaza 900
  • Rollins
  • Pavilion at Dobbs
  • The MARK

How Do I Use Swipes?

You will present your ID to the cashier and tell them you have a Block meal plan so they can push the Block button to remove the meal.