Tiger Pantry Team

Kate Whitmore, Director

Oversees the executive board of Tiger Pantry and serves as the face of the program in public situations

Nicole Wilkes, Volunteer Coordinator

Manages the student volunteers that operate Tiger Pantry three days a week

Lauren Marino, Fundraising Coordinator 

Schedule and promote all food drives, dining hall meal drives, and payroll deductions to ensure a constant flow of monetary and product donations to operate the pantry

Thomas Holmes, Outreach Coordinator 

Schedules and promotes education and awareness of Tiger Pantry services

Colin O’Brien, Public Relations Coordinator

Manages Tiger Pantry’s online presence, outward-facing engagement, and all public relations

Owen Bazigian, Dining Hall Meals Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating Transfer to Tiger Pantry Dining Hall Meals program

Mackensie Wagner, Produce and Sustainability Coordinator 

Leads Tiger Pantry initiatives to reduce food waste, be more environmentally conscious, and promote sustainability

Spencer James, Pick-Up Coordinator

Delivers and picks up Tiger Pantry bins in coordination with Fundraising Coordinators

Matt Brown, Operations Coordinator 

Collaborates with the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri to stock Tiger Pantry shelves

Sophie Teddy, Truman’s Closet Coordinator 

Leads Truman’s Closet operations, including clothing checkouts and returns.

Aisling Kerr, Blake Stanley & Lindsey Linkous, Ambassadors

Oversees the pantry during hours of operations