Raise Hunger Awareness

Hunger is a real issue which unfortunately goes overlooked. Do your part to raise awareness of food insecurity! To request a presentation for your organization or department, email tigerpantry@missouri.edu.

Watch this video and share with everyone you know!

Mizzou by the numbers:

  • 15,000+ students on need based aid
  • 6,000+ students that are recipients of pell grants
  • 1,000+ students that have an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) between $0-$1,000
  • Nearly 20 students reported that they were homeless Spring 2012
  • We have a large international student population that sometimes struggle financially for many reasons
  • Many staff members are paid at or below the poverty level and have to support families
  • Some graduate students are paid extremely low stipends and have to support families

Note: These numbers were applicable at the time of Tiger Pantry’s founding.