Here are some stats on poverty and hunger in Missouri: 

MO has the 7th highest rate of food insecurity in the nation (Nov. 2010)

MO has the 6th highest rate of very low food security at 6.4% (National Avg. 5.2%)

15% of Missourians are food insecure (National Avg. 13.5%)

MO experienced a 4.9% increase in food insecurity since 1994 (National Avg. 2.2%)

12.3% households food is uncertain

19.1% households with children food uncertain

4.6% food uncertain with hunger

19.6% SNAP/food stamps income eligible

19.3% child poverty rate in MO (2009)

Here are some facts and statistics specific to the University of Missouri:

15,000+ students on need based aid

6,000+ students that are recipients of pell grants

1,000+ students that have an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) between $0-$1,000

nearly 20 students reported that they were homeless last semester

We have a large international student population that sometimes struggle financially for many reasons

Many staff members are paid at or below the poverty level and have to support families

Some graduate students are paid extremely low stipends and have to support families

To find out more, download the fact sheet: Tiger Pantry Food Fact Sheet