How to Receive Swipes

How Do I Receive Swipes?

    • Any student who uses Tiger Pantry on a regular basis can also be a recipient of the transferred meal swipes. For information on how to complete the New Household form and how to use Tiger Pantry on a regular basis visit: How to Use Tiger Pantry.
    • If you have a meal plan, you are not eligible to receive swipes.
    • A student may request to receive a meal swipe once a week by completing the SWIPES form on Tiger Pantry’s Engage page. Once your form is received, the SWIPES Coordinator will confirm if you are eligible to receive a Swipe and next steps.
    • There is a maximum of 12 swipes per semester.
    • Swipes are intended to provide emergency assistance in addition to receiving monthly and weekly orders from Tiger Pantry.
    • You may check to see if the meals have been added to your account by going to Tiger Card Manager.
    • You have to click on WebCardManager to see the Tiger Pantry Meals (see screenshots below).

Where Can I Use Swipes?

You can use the meals at any of the following all-you-care-to-eat locations:

  • Plaza 900 (Lunch and Dinner)
  • Rollins (Breakfast and Lunch)
  • The MARK (Lunch only)

These meals may not be used at The Restaurants at Southwest, Emporium, Rollins@Night, The MARK@Night, Baja Grill, or Sabai.

For hours of each of the operations listed above, you may go to

How Do I Use Swipes?

You will present your ID to the cashier and tell them you have a Block meal plan so they can push the Block button to remove the meal. Do not say that you have a Tiger Plan, you will not be able to use your meal.

Meals are for you, only. You are not allowed to bring guests or friends in to use your Tiger Pantry meals. If the other individuals need to utilize the program, they must register with Tiger Pantry and be affiliated with the University of Missouri.

Questions? Concerns?

Please direct all questions about the Transfer to Tiger Pantry (T2TP) program to Blain Folsom, Engagement Coordinator of T2TP, via email at ALL program communication needs to be directed to Tiger Pantry, not Campus Dining Services or other external partners or personal student emails.