Transfer Dining Hall Meals to Pantry

Tiger Pantry’s dining hall meals program relies on students transferring excess dining hall meals to Tiger Pantry, who can then transfer these meals to students in need.

Dining Hall meal can be transferred from block plans for up to ten meals at a time. If you have the Tiger Plan you can still transfer a meal and $7.25 will be removed from your account and transferred over to Tiger Pantry. Tiger Pantry’s Dining Hall Meals Program is made possible by students transferring meals to support other students in need!


You can transfer up to ten meals at a time and you may fill out the form multiple times. Deadline to transfer meals for the semester is STOP DAY.

Transferred meals will expire at the end of the semester. Please consider transferring the meals earlier in the semester so that Tiger Pantry has adequate time to distribute them. 

You can click on the TO TRANSFER DINING HALL MEALS to take you to the correct login.

Transfer Dining Hall Meals PAGE

Please contact the Tiger Pantry Dining Hall Meals Coordinator, at our email with any questions. To set up a meals drive, send us an email to connect with our Fundraising Coordinator.